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Off Limits Project

**Each love letter was originally posted on Instagram. Scroll down to the bottom to read about the creation of this project! Visual Love...

All the Thyme in the World

Thyme is such a magical herb. It's pleasant smell is earthy, but also fresh. It reminds me a little bit of the smell right after it rains...

Going Pear-Shaped

When I decided to start writing my blog, I realized I had to change my Instagram name into something that fit better with my vision. I...

Secret Crunches in the Guest Room

Trigger warnings: diets, obsessive exercising This morning, the day after Christmas, I weighed myself. I knew I was going to be...

Counting Nuts

I was inspired to write this from an Instagram post about counting almonds, and it occurred to me that I've spent a big part of my life...


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